Monday, August 04, 2008

Call me a Freezer Fanatic

I am so happy to be able to announce that I now have another freezer!

Why am I so excited about this? Because it is going to be a huge help this year while homeschooling to be able to pull a pre-made meal (one that is full of good stuff, not preservatives) and pop it in the oven on extra-busy days. I love my crockpot (almost as much as this lady) but there are some meals that just don't do as well in the crockpot. Plus, there is still a bit of prep work required to use that noble appliance.

If you have read my recent posts, you know that I have had an influx of assorted fruit lately. Most of this has gone into the freezer in one form or another. It had gotten to the point where I was the only person who could get items out of it, thereby preventing an unsightly avalanche.

When I finally unloaded it, even I couldn't believe how much was inside.

But back to my new freezer. While I would have preferred a huge chest freezer, where to put it would have been a problem. We don't have a garage, so it most likely would have been kept in our backyard shed.

But not to worry. My new freezer is 4.5 feet tall, just perfect to fit inside my kitchen. While it means there is less storage space in it, it also means it's conveniently handy. Overall, I am quite pleased.
Now my biggest problem is deciding which of the frozen meals I want to make first;) I'm planning on making a huge batch of meatballs today, as well as some burritos.

From there on out, the possibilities are endless:)


Niki said...

I have a chest freezer but I would have loved to have an upright. They are easier to organize. I love freezer meals and I have been slipping on doing this lately. Come fall I will start back and make up several batches of turkey soup, lasagna, spaghetti sauce, hamburger stroganoff and meatballs. If you google freezer cooking there are so many resources to get some ideas.

Kaye said...

My mom was a freezer fanatic. In fact, she still has 2 uprights as well as the one attached to her fridge...and she lives alone! Just reading your post made me miss home...I think I'll go call my mom. =)

Nikki said...

We purchased an upright freezer about a month ago and I LOVE it!! It was especially handy freezing veggies from the garden.

With your talk about freezing meals and making meatballs and burritos, I'm feeling inspired. I really need to put some meals up in the freezer. With us pastoring a church and homeschooling, life can sure get hectic.

Maybe you can do some posts on what you make and freeze and exactly how you prepare it. I could catch some ideas. ;)

Nikki said...

I plan on getting a freezer soon. That's one thing my work money can pay for. I just need to find a good deal. I wish I had time to go to yard sales; a couple of my friends founds freezers for $35 and $50.

MyKidsMom said...

Niki: I have found some great sites with recipes and tips already; I'm just so excited to be able to finally put the ideas into action!

Kaye: Glad my mania is having a good influence on someone;)

Nikki: I think I'm going to post one of my freezer recipes for Recipe fun friday:)

Nikki(Notes): We bought this freezer off of Craigslists for $50. It really is a worthwhile investment since it will allow me to preserve more of the fresh produce I get through our gleaner's program. I hope you find a good deal on one as well.