Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In case you're waiting for a new post

This week we're getting a reprieve from the record-setting temperatures of last week. It has rained for three days now. Which is not usual for Oregon at this time of the year.

I feel somewhat mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it makes our diagnostic testing that much easier. If it were sunny outside, I would be much more tempted to let the kids out to play.

On the other hand, last week we finally saw some new produce from the garden (not counting the mounds of cucumbers). I had given up on having any bush beans this year, but a few plants seem to have made it after all. And some of my tomatoes are slightly orange in color. I'm not sure how all this rain is going to affect them.
The kids did spend some time on the trampoline this afternoon. And came in soaked to the skin;) They want to work on the clubhouse, but I convinced them it would be hard to hold onto tools in the rain.

The Princess is not testing, although we have started back to work on our letters and sounds.

Other than that, she's staying busy painting, making cookies, and her newest fun activity: mopping with the "big" mop. She's taken to it like a natural. Lucky Me:)

I've had some kind of stomach bug for the last 4 or 5 days. It's not the flu, or that other thing (pregnancy;). So I'm thinking of doing some kind of cleansing diet of fruits and veggies and lots of water. It couldn't hurt anthing at this point;).
Can you tell I'm posting just for the sake of posting? LoL We're having a good week, just not a neccesarily post-worthy week:)

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Nikki said...

I think these are the best kinds of posts; they let people see the day to day stuff.

By the way, I stopped by earlier to read your post, but I couldn't leave a comment because I was holding a fussy baby.

Nikki said...

Oh, and speaking of pregnancy, when are you going to finish your story?

Since we are going to the aquarium tomorrow, I plan on posting Recipe Fun Friday tonight about 9:30, if you want to go ahead and link to yours. (That is, if your computer is working!)

MyKidsMom said...

After posting the first few installments, I felt like I needed a break from the story. It's not that it's bad memories neccessarily, just a little overwhelming. I think I'll try to work on the next part for this coming Monday. Thanks for the reminder:)

Kaye said...

Rock on for teaching your daughter how to mop! Can she make a stop by our house? =)

Thanks for all of the comments on my site. You keep me on my toes! Plus, it is always nice to have comments.