Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Off to the County Fair

Today we are going to the County Fair with my sis-in-law and the cousins. I have a birthday party to prepare for still (and a cake to make), but this is the day the kids get in free. And the rides are half-price. Which means they'll only cost half a fortune instead of the full fortune;)

The Birthday party is at my hubby's parents house, and will consist mostly of family. My son actually requested this over the choice of a friends party. I didn't argue with that;) I am going to attempt to make a themed cake, so wish me well. I'll be putting pics from the party and highlighting my sweet middle child tommorrow, technically the day of his birth.

Have a wonderful day~


Mrs. Darling said...

Have fun at the fair and say Hi to Wilbur for me!

Brandi said...

Have fun at the fair! We don't go to the fair because of the fortune it would cost us. The boys did get to go to the Ohio State Fair with my parents, though.

Your son's birthday is tomorrow? That's my grandmother's birthday, my anniversary, and my second daughter's Birthday! Happy birthday to your son!

Kaye said...

You know I love your blog, right? =)


MyKidsMom said...

Mrs.D: Hi:)

Brandi: Wow- that definitely makes it a special day for all of you. My daughter was almost born on my anniversary; I didn't mind missing the date (by 2 days), I just wanted my pregnancy to be over with!

Kaye: What a very nice thing to say! Whenever I wonder if my blog is interesting enough, I just remind myself that my main objective is to keep it as a record of memories; I go back into the old posts all the time to relive things.

Brandi said...

Kitty Kat was supposed to be born on the 12th (according to the doctors). My labor was induced the morning of the 12th. It didn't go as quickly as they hoped. My mom said, "Wouldn't it be neat if the baby is born on your anniversary?" Eighteen and a half hours after being induced, Kitty Kat arrived at 1:18am on the 13th.

Marva said...

Hope you had a blast at the fair! We love to go and we always have a lot of canned items entered as well as fresh produce. I love those ribbons!

Does you fair do that?

Hope all is well!


MyKidsMom said...

Brandi: Oh my goodness, that's a looong labor (especially for being in hospital!). Whenever they would induce me, it would start going too fast, then they would slow it down. By the way, of all my mother's seven children, I am the one who put her through the longest labor, around 20 hours they say. That was back in the day when they didn't have all the great stuff for making it all a little easier. But they DID have hospitals;)

Marva: Great to hear from you!!
Yes, they had an agricultural display that had entries people had submitted. I am going to check and see what I need to do for my kids to qualify for that. Our growing season here really suffered from the late rainy season so it wasn't as impressive as some I've seen, but we still enjoyed looking at everything. Thanks for taking time out of that super busy schedule to come by!