Monday, August 11, 2008

A week of Summer vacation in pictures

Have you ever had such a busy week that you really were not able to mentally digest everything til it's over? Well, the past week felt that way to me. When I looked back on it this weekend, it seemed like just the sort of week that Summer vacation should be. I suppose I'm getting sentimental with the school year drawing near, but I wanted to put to memory some of our activities from this week, and what better way to do that than with pictures?

Berry picking with Grandma and Aunt S. (who would shoot me if she knew I posted this picture;)
The first Hermiston watermelon of the Summer. These watermelons are the King of watermelons, they're always perfectly ripe and sweet (yes, I'm an authority on watermelons, atleast when it comes to eating them!)

The boys clubhouse is progressing; so far they've stuck to hitting nails, and not each other;)

A peek at some produce

The Professor in a favorite reading hideaway. He reminds me of myself when I was a kid, always with a book nearby.

We made more jam. This is raspberry, strawberry and blackberry combined; it's the best batch yet!

Ginger has turned out to be a perfect match for our family; the kids love taking her for walks and playing catch. And she's much friendlier than a tarantula!

I may just have a slightly green thumb after all.

Also of note this week: The Princess had her first piano lesson. I figured since she practices all the time, she might as well take lessons:)

Just a few more weeks of Summer vacation left... enjoy it while you can!


Mrs. Darling said...

I peeked in here earlier and I saw a pic of your front door petunias. I came back now to comment on them and the pic is not here. They were gorgeous!

Weve been loving those melons this weekend too!!

MyKidsMom said...

They're back Mrs.Darling, just for you:)

Spicers has both seeded and seedless Hermistions for 19 cents a pound; that's about $3.50 a melon! We ate 2 of them in 2 days:)

Nikki said...

It looks like a busy week. Aren't you glad you took pictures? One of the best things about blogging for me is that I take more pictures. I want to share them with my blogging friends, but I also get to keep them.

You sound like me as a child. One of my parents' friends would often ask me, "How many books have you read today?"

Nikki said...

When does school start up there? It started today down here. I can't believe how early they start school. A couple of years ago, a girl died because of the heat when her PE class was outside. July and August are our two hottest months with highs routinely above 95.

MyKidsMom said...

Are you kidding? I don't know of any schools that start before the 20th or so of August. Kids should be out playing still, instead of in a classroom. There's plenty of time for schooling during the rainy and cold time of the year. Just my opinion;)

When I worked with kids from the projects in Chicago, some of them went to school 3 months, then had a month off. I actually might not mind giving that a try if it were to land right.