Thursday, November 13, 2008

Old-fashioned Romance

I am not a chick-flick movie person. Give me a mystery, or someone chasing a criminal (which is kind of the same thing) instead any time. I admit it's an awkward admission when I find myself with a group of women discussing their favorite new romantic movie. Is it just me, or are all of them pretty much the same story with different faces? Sometimes not even different faces...

Well, in spite of the fact that our home is TV-free (no, I'm not gonna get on a soapbox about that), I do still manage to drag out a movie now and then and attempt to fit in with the rest of the world;)

So to distract myself from the stomach cramps that made walking quite difficult (I won't bore you with that explanation either), I put on an old movie I dug out of a box: Jane Eyre.

This was a quite old version (it had that odd and creepy 60's music), I'm not sure if they've made a modern remake of this one or not. It had George C. Scott in it, and some lady I didn't recognize. Of course, most of you probably don't recognize his name anyways,lol.

I must say, it's been a long time since I read the book. And it's a somewhat depressing story in many ways, but it was SO romantic!

Which is really hard to figure out, because they all stayed thoroughly clothed the whole time, and not one word that they spoke would I be embarrassed to say in front of my own father. No cigarettes, no wild parties. They did hug at one point, but no record-setting lip-locking going on...ewww.

And I'm thinking that's why it was romantic. There was a mystery and mystique about it that was completely enchanting. I found myself wishing they would show Jane and Edward years down the road, still in love with each other for all the right reasons. And maybe throw in a few ankle-biters for good measure.

Am I hopelessly old-fashioned? I suppose so.

Oh well, fitting in is highly over-rated anyway;) But if you like old chick-flicks, this is one I highly recommend.


Nikki said...

If you don't have a tv, how did you watch the movie? On your computer?

I love the old romances, too. They really were romantic, not like the things being made these days. Carey Grant is one of my favorites.

bigSIS said...

I think I saw this movie...hmmm. Not too long ago, although it may have been a remake,as I don't remember the eerie music. LOL I don't have a tv either but when I visit my in-laws, there's no getting away from it, it's on ALL the time, so I do occasionally see an odd movie here and there. =)

Kaye said...

I don't think I've ever seen the movie version, but I loved the book!

I am not much of a romance movie person, but I do have my girly moments. I must say that I will watch Ever After EVERY TIME IT IS ON. And I own it. I really like that movie.

MyKidsMom said...

Nikki: Yes, we use our computer monitor to view dvd's. One of my favorite old movies is Arsenic and Old Lace with Carey Grant. His facial expressions were so hilarious, I laughed til I cried.

Bigsis: My in-laws usually put on Animal Planet or Discovery Channel when we go over to their house, so I don't mind the kids watching and it IS a treat for them. But it makes my house seem so quiet in comparison!

Kaye: My Sis-in-law loves Ever After. She sent me home with her tape of it, but I've never watched it. Maybe I'll give it a try.

Kristy Howard said...

I enjoyed both the book and film of Jane Eyre, too... I must admit, I'm not a big fan of the Bronte sisters' other books, though.

We are a TV-free home too. When we watch films, it's on a "TV" that has no attenea so it doesn't receive any channels. I grew up that way and it seems kind of normal to me, although people get wide-eyed when they find out we never watch TV. :o)

Kristy @ Homemakers Cottage