Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

With the recent elections, I've already done my share of patriotic posts for this month. So I thought I would share this link to an article titled "The true meaning of Veterans Day largely forgotten in America."

We have the day off of school today, which is definitely a treat, and we'll be going to a friend's new house for lunch and a play-date. But we will also take some time out to talk about what this day means to us, and the importance of observing it.

So thank you to each Veteran who has faithfully served our Country. Your sacrifice and willingness to serve are greatly appreciated. You are the reason why our Flag still waves proudly.


Nikki said...

Hey back to you! Did you have a good weekend?

Thanks for linking to that article; it's a good one.

Mrs. Darling said...

You posted! I about thought you had died!Hey whatcha doin' Thursday? Make plans to come over!

Marva said...

Hi sweet friend! Thanks for the reminder. Happy Veteran's Day!

I am so glad you guys had a good day off.