Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Good News in the Puppy Department

I have to admit I was getting nervous when our puppies hit the 8-week-old mark right before Thanksgiving, and we still had 7 left. Last Friday night we put an ad in the local newspaper (online), and by Saturday night they were all sold!

Now I'm feeling just a tinge of empty nest syndrome. I didn't expect them to go so fast. And it's NOT that I miss having to buy truckloads of dog food, or cleaning up their messes. But I do kind of miss how all 8 of them would follow me around the yard in this little pack. They were just the cutest little things. *sigh*

Next Saturday we will be delivering one of them to a little girl for her 1st birthday. I cannot tell you how happy I am about the homes they all went to. We met each family and they were such nice people. I really enjoyed how excited the kids (and adults) were about getting them.

Of course, we kept one of the puppies. We chose the littlest one of the litter because she is small and petite like Ginger. But she has a white coat which I think will be so pretty when she gets older. Anyway, here's a picture of SUGAR:

She's a cute little thing, don't you think?


Mrs. Darling said...

You moved to the top of my sidebar! Go look while you're still there. LOL

That puppy looks kinda sad. Maybe he misses the others poor thing.

MyKidsMom said...

Sad is NOT an adjective I would use for Sugar,LoL. She may have been the smallest, but she thought she was all that and more. Remember I said she was Mrs.Darling in dog form... LoL. She definitely stood out in personality from the pack. Which was another reason I wanted to keep her.

Goodness, I hope no one thinks I'm insulting you. If they only knew how hard that is to do:)

Nikki said...

Good for you! Getting rid of all those dogs. I just wish we could get rid out ours. But I feel for you and your empty nest syndrome.

Sugar is awfully cute. Aren't all golden retriever puppies?

I did not think you were insulting Mrs. Darling at all, and I don't even know her -- in real life, that is. Back when I was just a pharmacy intern, one of the pharmacists told me that he had a dog named Nikki. Then he got embarrassed because he thought he had insulted me, so he said that she was a good dog. His foot went even further into his mouth. He kept going and going until his foot was lodged in his stomach. Oh, it was too funny, and I was never even remotely insulted!

Oh, and one of our landlords (a couple of houses ago) tried to keep from telling me that their dog's name was Nikki. We lived there for a year and a half; did he really think I wouldn't find out? Again, I didn't mind. It's not like they named the dog after me.

Kaye said...

I know that you must miss them, but I'm glad that you were able to get rid of them so quickly...and to such nice homes.

Sugar is definitely adorable. She will be a great dog one day...I can feel it. =)

Angela said...

What a cute, cute puppy! It makes me want one...and then I think about the one I already have that makes messes in my house. Hmmm...

MyKidsMom said...

I've never met anyone with a dog named Nikki; it absolutely does not sound like a dog name, but to each their own I quess. One of the new owners were planning on naming their puppy socks or mittens. It took all the control I had NOT to tell them that sounds more like a cat's name. There has to be a million cats with that name running around the world (and in books). But then we had a cat
named Moses, and I suppose that sounds odd to some people:)

Frasypoo said...

She is so cute!!
I get that"empty nest"feeling after dogs I dogsit go home !

Kanga said...

Well, I thought I would read your blog and leave a little hello. You will have to go over to my blog to figure out who I am. HE HE HE!!! Unless, of course, you are smarter than me and you already know who I am. Cute puppy. Don't envy you though. We got a puppy a year ago and he has been a pain. He is a doxy and he is stubborn. Everyone loves him except me though so we shall keep him forever.

Nikki said...

A cat named Moses? How did that happen?

I had a horse named Nick. Yes, he was named after me, but I didn't name him.

MyKidsMom said...

Kanga: You had me really guessing for a while there:) I even called Mrs.Darling to see if she could figure it out, but she wasn't home,LoL. The Pooh Bear love should have clued me in right away. Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi! I'll be stopping by your blog as well... you've been warned;)

Nikki: I grew up in a home strongly centered around the Church, so we named our animals Bible names, LoL. Yes, even I find that funny. Is it any wonder my children all have Bible names as well? NOT that I'm putting them on the same level as pets..;)

Kaye said...

For strange pet names, we once had a cat named Isaiah (there's a Biblical one for you). Our current cats are named Leon and Mr. Kitty. I'm not for naming pets "typical" pet names. =)