Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ramping up for the big one

Tomorrow night I'll be running a children's Christmas party at a different church than my own. I've been doing this party each year for about 6 years now. The parents of the kids will be going to a Christmas banquet, and they have us come in so that their own people won't have to miss out. We're expecting around 70 kids, and it will last about 3 hours, which gets a little long for some of the kids. So we definitely have to have it planned out to keep them busy and distracted.

So far I have Christmas crafts, games, a raffle, playdough, snacks (pizza & cake), a coloring contest, songs, and my personal favorite of making gingerbread houses. Fortunately, I have a great crew of helpers (including my husband). My husband and I will have the biggest group of around 40 kids (4-10 years) and it can be a little challenging to work with the different ages in one group.

I should add that we are paid to do this. And with my husband and I both doing it, it's definitely a nice addition to the Christmas fund. Plus, I'm quite fond of the children there. We all have a great time together. But it still is a big relief when it all comes to a successful end.

I only have one little worry... it seems to be my turn to have the slight flu bug we're passing around in our house. No throwing up, just nauseous stomachs and a sore throat with general achiness. So I'll be alternating chicken broth with hot tea and water, and popping tons of vitamin C. Which seems to work much better for me than all those OTC drugs that just make me tired (like I'm not tired enough already).

I am feeling a little stir-crazy from being cooped up in the house more than normal. Hopefully tomorrow night will make up for that;)

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Nikki said...

Oh, my goodness! I'm glad it's you taking care of all those children and not me! That sounds like an evening of torture to me. Of course, I get nervous keeping the nursery at church or keeping two of my friend's children when she goes to the doctor. (I did that this morning for her, and I'm glad she understands why I can't keep all four.) Can you tell that I did not babysit at all growing up? Not even for my nieces and nephews.

I hope you feel better. And thanks for the plug!

bigSIS said...

That is really very neat that you do that. Yeah, it sounds like a lot of work, but you are getting yourself known. I'm sure those parents see what you are able to do with all those children and have so much respect and appreciation for you and your helpers. God Bless! Hope you feel better tomorrow. =)

Kaye said...

Wow! You are Superwoman indeed! I am so very impressed! I was just fretting yesterday for having to come up with one little craft for my group of 3-4 year olds at church this weekend...and, doing this entire party.

I'm excited for you, but will be praying for you as well! I know you'll need patience and energy anyway and it might be especially difficult with an illness!

God will bless you for such awesome work you are doing with these little ones.