Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Never say never

Most of my regular blogging friends know that we have a TV-free home. There are many reasons for this, none of which I am going to list right now (yes, I know you're relieved;). I only mention it because along with that decision we also decided we didn't want any game systems in the house. It's not been at all hard to keep to either one of those decisions... until the Wii.

The Wii didn't get my attention until I heard they were using it in nursing homes across the country to help keep the elderly active. That made me curious. Then my kids played on their uncle's Wii at his house, and came back sore. Hmmm...

So, long story short, someone gave us a monetary gift to get something for our children for Christmas and we decided we would buy a Wii. With much trepidation (at least on my part).

Well, I can now say I am very happy with our new Wii. Even on rainy, yucky days my kids are swinging, batting, and running their way through ballgames and obstacle courses. And the best of all is the Wii Fit.

Hubby and the kids created their Mii's (your own personal Wii person) last week and have been having a great deal of fun doing the aerobics and balance games, trying to beat each others scores.

Today I finally stepped on board and faced the music. I should mention here for those who don't know that the Wii fit keeps track of your weight, and adjusts your Mii accordingly. It's rather humorous... if you're not the person being weighed, lol. I stepped on the scale, and as my weight popped up on the screen, I heard my oldest child gasp and say "I had no idea you weighed that much Mom!"

the best thing to say to your mother, son.

The good news is that it says I'm not overweight (though just barely). The bad news is that I know I actually am for my small frame (which it does not consider). The worst news of all... I am so very out of shape! I'm not even going to reveal what my Wii Fit age is. Or my weight for that matter.

And don't be deceived at the fact that this is a "game system" workout. It is quite hard. My muscles are aching, but in a good way... if that's at all possible.

As far as dieting goes, I've had to put that on hold because of my tooth infection. But once that's taken care of I plan to start that as well. So I'll talk about it more then. But my biggest goal in this area is to get fit. Which you really can't be if you're not eating healthy and drinking water anyway. It all seems to work together in that way, or at least it's been so in my experience.

Well, that about wraps up this blogging infomercial, lol. Seriously, Wii should pay me for such a glowing recommendation:)

EDIT: Just thought I'd clear this up: we are still tv-free. Just not wii-free :)


Marva said...

Yes, they should! Sounds great though! Glad it is so good for you.....great to know, cause I'm sure our kiddos will be mentioning that they want that too ......soon enough.

Blessings! Hope the tooth is getting better. Keep us posted!

Mrs. Darling said...

Peter made his mii a fat little boy. I told him he didnt need to be a fat boy cause he wasnt fat so he reduced the size just a wee bit but Inoticed that when the kids made my wii its all roly poly fat! lol Tink plays the wii so much that none of us want to play with her anymore cause she always wins!

MyKidsMom said...

Mrs.Darling, the wii fit doesn't give you a choice about your Mii's size, it goes strictly by your weight (even if you're a child). This has prompted a few lawsuits already for "mental anguish." I guess one girl's parents are claiming that the wii fit said she was overweight and thus it has effected her self-esteem.

Mrs. Darling said...

Well now aint that the cruelest thing!

hey I still wanna see you at 11:30, kay?

Nikki said...

John bought a Wii this summer to aid his exercise routine. I only got on it once, and I have not returned. It told me that my physical age was five years more than my actual age. And right before that, it told John that his physical age was seven years younger! I know that we are supposed to forgive people, but I don't think it applies to machines, do you?

Angela said...

I love your new picture, by the way!

We have a wii...but not a wii fit. I agree that the whole wii age thing is quite depressing.

What I want to know is....did you have to buy a TV, too? As far as I know, a TV is crucial to play the wii. Just wondering...

Jeanette "Frogster" said...

We have had the Wii Fit for a while now and I agree about the soreness! I also am just barely next to the "overweight " mark. I love using it though.

And since you guys don't have TV, this wouldn't work for you but I like the Wii Fit feature that allows you to switch over to a TV program while you're doing the step program or running. I find a lot of inspiration in watching that reality weight-loss show - The Biggest Loser - while I work out.

MyKidsMom said...

Mrs.D: I'm still planning on coming over:)

Nikki: I'm not giving up any secrets here, but you were younger wii-wise than I;) I didn't understand some of the instructions at first, so my beginning score wasn't so hot!

Angela: We have a computer(monitor) with the proper hook-ups for the wii, hubby manages these things:) And thanks for the positive feedback on the pic!

Jeanette: I'm a real newbie at it, but I love it that the games kind of pull you in (especially competing with the kids) and you get in so much exercise before you even realize it. Which means I overdid it a bit the first time:) The aerobics and yoga are great as well. I didn't know that about being able to watch something at the same time, but hubby did find the weather/globe thing (something through the wireless I think?) and he likes to check that out.

Kaye said...

Love the new profile picture!

You stopped by my site before I got a chance to tell you that you were tagged (too quick for me!), but thanks for offering to play along.

We also have not succumbed to the Wii craze yet, but I hear that it truly is awesome. It sounds like you are all having a great time with it!

Good luck with the dentist!