Thursday, January 08, 2009

Of Dentists and Diversions

I am feeling quite euphoric after finally making it to the Dentist this afternoon; or maybe that's just a side-effect from the prescription pain killer he gave me, lol. Either way, I am very happy to have my bothersome tooth out. He also gave me an antibiotic to clear up the infection, so hopefully I will be feeling back to normal very soon.

While I was out and about, I stopped by Michael's craft store to pick up a few items. I have decided that I need to add some diversions to my life. In spite of the fact that we hard-working moms/wives like to claim that we have no time for hobbies (okay, so maybe it's just me), I'm starting to realize that it's actually good for my family when I take a little bit of "me" time. Most of the time that translates into reading late into the night, or baking up something special occasionally.

Well, I'm tired of baking, and I need my sleep at night! Seriously, I thought it'd be fun to add something new. And maybe a bit challenging.

Remember that painting project I have going? **Really Mrs.Darling, I do have a paint project going; this is not a case of talk with no substance** Anyway, we will hopefully finish it up this weekend. Or at least another wall of it. Which is where my "diversion" comes in. I found something online that I thought would be just perfect to use as new decor for that wall (it was previously covered with assorted academic/learning posters). Well, I really didn't care for the price. Guess it's the thrifty blood that runs through my veins. So I thought to myself "why not make something myself that's unique and a whole lot cheaper?"

Okay, say maybe the fact that I'm not particularly crafty or creative could be a slight deterrent.. but I like the cheaper part:)

I can't make any promises about it being done over the weekend. But I do plan to indulge myself and spend a few relaxing hours (at odd times no doubt) getting in a good start. Here are my $20 worth of supplies.
I really hope it all comes together somehow, because it would be so embarrassing not to have something a little impressive to post pictures of when I'm all done; oh the pressure!:)


Nikki said...

Ooh, I cannot wait to see what you will create. It scares me even to think about doing something like that. At least with crocheting, there is a pattern to follow. Speaking of which, I find crocheting very relaxing. You ought to look into taking a class to learn how or finding someone who already knows to teach you. Then you could make your own baby blanket! And you could make it big enough to cover all of you, not just your arms or your legs or your lap!

Marva said...

So glad that roublesome tooth is gone, now to just get you well (the socket).

Hope you feel better soon and I cannot wait to see what craftyness you come up with! I am not a crafter. The most I have ever done is make wreaths and a few floral arrangements.


Angela said...

Good luck with your craft! I'm very excited to see what you make...especially since you didn't tell us what it is. I'm glad your tooth is better, too! I really need to go to the dentist myself before I get some kind of infection or my teeth rot out.

Mrs. Darling said...

Glad that tooth is out once and for all!!

Hey I know you paint when you say you paint! So arent you going to tell us what you are going to write with those words?

MyKidsMom said...

Nikki: LOL I actually have started looking for someone to teach me to crochet. I thought for sure my mother-in-law would know how to, but it turns out she doesn't. I hadn't thought of taking a class. I'll have to check into that.

Marva: I'm feeling SO much better!

Angela: I didn't say anything concrete because I'm not exactly sure myself,lol. I'm hoping that's where inspiration will come in:)

Mrs.Darling: HaHa Just had to say that after your last post:) And truly, I didn't tell exactly what I'm doing because the odds are I'll change something in a major way between start and finish. But I really am excited about giving it a try.

Nikki said...

Hey! Where's your recipe?