Monday, January 12, 2009

Another hodge-podge post

I have to admit that sometimes posting what's whirling around in my head helps to organize my thoughts. Lately I've felt like my brain has been in a stressful mode. I know part of this is due to struggling with an infection, which has necessitated my taking several medications. Which, consequently, means my thinking is not always clear. That's one of the reasons I so much prefer to go with natural health remedies, they don't seem to make a muddle of your thinking. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to go that route.

I mentioned that I made a trip to the dentist last week, and had my tooth pulled. What I did not mention was that they weren't able to get all of it out... which means I still have to have dental surgery. It seems I have stubborn teeth; the last one I had pulled took two hours and three dentists (I kid you not). The Dentist gave me an antibiotic, but it doesn't seem to be doing the job as well as I hoped. My surgery is scheduled for the beginning of March, but I'm thinking I'll have to move it up if things don't start clearing up soon. I'm really not looking for sympathy here (though I'll undoubtedly get some;). I'm just a little frustrated with the fatigue that accompanies it. I can be quite stubborn (like my teeth) and decide that I'm going to do everything I want to do anyway. And then I pay for it with a migraine from the fatigue. It's important to know your limits, and you would think I would know mine by now. Have I mentioned that I'm a little stubborn?

But on to more interesting things. I'm happy to announce that we were finally able to have our Christmas performance at church last night. Our family had a very small part in it, no talking, just silently acting out a part during a song. There are a few things that panic me, and being in front of a large crowd of people is one of them (unless it's kids, no problem there). Anyway, I prayed for God to give me a calmness, and I made it through just fine. My kids absolutely loved being part of it, which was the reason I agreed to do it in the first place. It will be a nice memory for them.

On the school front: We were just notified that we will be doing our State testing within the next month. I'm one of those strange homeschooling moms who actually want to do this testing. I wouldn't exactly say I'm joyous about it, but I do like verification that my kids are scholastically at the level they should be. And there's a little part of me (okay, maybe a big part of me) that likes to prove that my kids are actually being taught quite well on the home front. But it's going to mean some extra preparation, so I need to make a game plan for that soon. We were planning on starting our Rosetta Stone Spanish program this month, but I think it might be wise to wait until after our testing. This homeschooling mom can only juggle so many things at one time.

Tomorrow starts my weight-loss challenge. I've put it off long enough. More details about that later.

Another wall has been painted! In my house (in case you didn't read my prior post;) That's one of the things I was being stubborn about. Yes, if that wall hadn't been painted this weekend, I would have just curled up and died... it was that important,lol. My husband is a patient man. I think he puts up with all my impulsive ideas purely because... he loves me.

Now I'm getting mushy and emotional (another possible medication side effect) so it's time to end this post. Please simply ignore anything that doesn't make sense:).


Marva said...

It all made sense! ;)

Bless your little heart! I am so, so sorry about the tooth. I will pray for you.

I hope the testing goes well.

I don't mind being in front of small kids and adults but not older kids. I feel inadequate for smoe resaon. I know I am strange........


Nikki said...

Yucky! Oral surgery! Have I ever told you that I had a root canal when I was fourteen? Ooh, that was bad. Not the worst thing that has happened to me, though. That was having my cast off. Both my tooth and my leg were results of falls from horses.

I hate getting up in front of an audience, too. What bothers me the most is my heart pounding. I have even gone to the extreme of taking medication to slow my heart rate on that day. (Yes, it was prescribed.) Isn't that awful?

Good luck with the testing! Does that mean that you won't be around as much this month? If not, I will miss you.

Mrs. Darling said...

Good luck with the tests. I too dont mind them but I do wish I didnt have to gear Tink studies to them so closely. I wont have to with Peter so that will be nice. He will have time to study things not test related. He's going to bring great changes to our day. IM not excited about finding the groove all aover again!

Kaye said...

Good luck with the tooth and with the upcoming testing. Strangely, those tests aren't always a sign of a child's intelligence, but more of their ability to take standardized tests. I can understand your uneasiness about the prep work.

Glad you got to do the play finally. And yes, if the kids enjoy it, it will be a wonderful memory for them. I personally don't mind being in front of people. I spent my childhood as a performer (piano recitals from age 5 and I took to the stage on a weekly basis starting when I was 12). I guess I loved it because I wasn't terrified. I understand that people get stage fright, but I can't say that I know how they feel!

By the way...hodge podge posts are fine. They are actually much more realistic to how my mind works in the first place! =)

MyKidsMom said...

Never fear girls, I'll still be around, just not always completely coherant,lol. The state testing is more work preparing for it than the actual setting down for the test. I just want my kids to have a run-through on how things may be done by different instructors.

Kaye:Were you performing on stage through music or through plays as well? Very interesting.

Homemakers Cottage said...

Glad your painting project is done... now you can relax, haha. I'm going nuts waiting for our house to be finished so was can move... always so much to do!!

Jeanette "Frogster" said...

interested in finding out about your weight loss challenge...

Kaye said...

In answer to your question:

The stage performances started out as musical ones...from the age of 5 through high school and then on to play at churches while in college.

I did a few traditional "plays" but most of them were Christian dramas ranging from monologues, humorous skits (not my strength), interpretive and traditional sign language, and interpretive movement or "human videos." A good example is the video that I posted about a week or so ago. No, I'm not in that one, but that is what we did.