Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 1 : Weight-Loss Challenge

I really meant to post this before now. The last few evenings I have done childcare for special services at another church than my own. I do this every few months, and it's a nice way to make a little extra money on the side. But it also uses up any bit of spare time I have in the evening.

Excuses, excuses;)

So I'm starting my weight-loss challenge today. Honestly, it's nothing that incredible. My goal is to lose a whole... 6 lbs in one months time. Not really so impressive, is it?

For me that 6 lbs will require a lot of work though. Regardless of how hard I try, I never lose more than 2 lbs a week on the best diet. My metabolism seems to adjust to the new lower calories, and thus no spectacular weight loss. *sigh*

However, there is a little twist to my challenge. I want that 6 lbs to come off a particular part of my body, so I shall do something I've never done before: bring out the measuring tape. I shudder at the very thought of it.

Remember how I said that my new Wii Fit said that I was (though just barely) within my weight range? Well, unfortunately it isn't the one trying to squeeze into skirts that fit perfectly fine a year ago. And that pile is growing. So I did what any self-respecting girl would do: I wear my that-time-of-the-month clothes; and you thought I was going to say buy bigger ones,lol. Well, these are bigger ones I keep around just in case. But just a small supply of them.

Anyway, I know how to take that fat (the mirror does not lie, I only wish it did) off my thighs, and it's with a low-fat diet. But the trick is to keep my nutrition balanced enough that I don't make my low-blood sugar spiral out of control. I hate the fatigue that so often seems to accompany dieting.

So what is my incentive? Our annual Church Valentine Banquet is exactly a month from today. I really like to dress up for this event. It just so happened that I came across a great deal at the thrift store last week. A beautiful green formal type dress outfit... for $4. The only hitch is that although it is my size, these types of dresses run way too small; like several sizes. So if I lose my weight in all the right places, it should fit very nicely. I agree, it's a big gamble, but it's something to spur me on as well. And my super-secret weapon:exercise my tail off. Consistently.

So here is my before picture. Oops! I forgot to put the dress on...;) Because I know that once an unsavory picture is posted online, it picks up vibes, which are then sucked into the black hole of the blogosphere. And there will be foreign men somewhere in another country laughing at the chubby white lady (that would be me) who cannot resist her double portions of American food. And that would affect my self-confidence in a negative way.

But if I lose my weight in all the right places (which means 6 lbs of really, truly fat cells) I will then post a photo of me and my adorable painting husband (see, he's still reaping benefits for his help) dressed to the max in our formal fare.

So that's it. Low-fat, count the calories, work the buns off. Sounds like a game plan:)

If anyone wants to join in for the month, just let me know via the comments. I'll probably be reporting in on Thursday or Fridays post each week. Possibly recommending some new palatable lowfat snacks I've found... if they actually do exist,lol.

And since you're here anyway, I just have to point you in the direction of Jeanette's blog. She made her little girl a birthday cake based on the Give a mouse a Cookie book, and it's just adorable. She also had a book exchange vs. gifts, I really like that idea. I love to find new and unique ways for celebrating special days. And is there any day more special than the birth of a child? So say Happy Birthday to Gabby as well!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


bigSIS said...

Good morning! I hear you. I did not put a picture of myself up on my blog just for that very same reason. I already have men (not foreigners,either!) laughing at me. That they are my husband and brothers don't mean it's ok! =)

So, I'll come by and join you. I'm already working on a 25lb goal but I'll go the six-in-a-month with you.

Kaye said...

Congrats on the initiative to work on something that bothers you. Although 6 lbs doesn't sound like much on a scale, I know it can make a world of difference to one's mindset. =)

Of course I can't join you (being in "delicate condition" and all), but know that I'll be cheering you along!

Best wishes!

Nikki said...

I stepped on the scale Sunday, and it crossed the acceptable range. You know, I was okay as long as my weight stayed below this line, but the line has been crossed. Ironically, I would like to lose six pounds, too. I have cut back my eating this week: no more cookies or ice cream or Chick-fil-A milkshakes. Sigh. As for exercise, I keep putting that off. I know that I need to start. I just don't want to! I miss nursing my son; it burns an extra 500 calories a day!

By the way, I like your dress. I hope that you will post a picture of you wearing it when you get that weight lost.

Nikki said...

I guess I will join your challenge, but I DON'T want to. I do need to lose those six pounds.

MyKidsMom said...

Welcome aboard bigSIS and Nikki!:)

Kaye: I only wish I had such a good excuse,lol. You're allowed to gain the 6lbs that I lose; how's that sound?:)

Angela said...

Good luck with your challenge! I am also trying to eat healthier...so I'll at least join you in that. I'm with Nikki -- I really hope you post a picture of yourself in the dress! It looks very pretty!

Homemakers Cottage said...

You are hilarious!! I am sitting here giggling at your sense of humor (and determination).

I am starting off the year with an un-diet, too... I never actually diet (just thinking about it makes me hungry). I just cut back on the sweets and unhealthy food, and try to exercise frequently. My goal is to get rid of that extra baby fat I've been wearing around my waist ever since Keith was born (last May). I'm glad I'm not the only one pining after a chocolate chip cookie. [sigh] ~Kristy

Nikki said...

Count me in. I need some accountability!! I have the same problem as you. I must really be careful when dieting or my blood sugar will drop drastically. I guess I need to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. And I definatley need to drink lots of water and exercise.

Veggiemomof2 said...

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