Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Found while hanging out at the thrift store

I don't get to the thrift store nearly as often as I'd like to nowadays. When my having a car full-time became a reality last fall, I really thought I'd have more time for running around errand-wise. Silly girl.

My favorite thrift shop closes at 6pm. It's where I find my super buys. So lately I'm only getting there once a month if I'm lucky. Or when I am sorely in need of an item.

We do have a local Goodwill store that I manage to make a quick stop at on a weekly basis. I noticed while there a few days ago that they have once again raised their prices on childrens clothes. I wanted to say "C'mon people, this is a store for poor people!! Do you really think I'm willing to pay $5 for a girl's t-shirt when I can get one for $3.88 at Walmart?" But I exhibited incredible self-control and kept my mouth shut.

However, outside of their clothing department, I am still managing to find some occasional treasures. So I thought I'd share my latest finds. In a non-gloating, look-what-I-found sort of way;)

I paid $1.99 for this trio of baskets. I really liked the multi-colored stripes. I have them hard at work holding personal grooming items in my bathroom.

My kids are not into name-brand items. Nike or Noshi, they really could care less. And I prefer that it stays that way. But even I have to admit that on some items a name brand does define quality. Or maybe I'm just looking to legitimize my love of the Liz Claiborne label? Could be.

Anyway, I came across a pair of Nikes for the Artist with a price tag of $6. They looked like they had barely (if at all) been worn. That's better than $15 at Kmart for non-Nike shoes. And though he has no idea what that check mark stands for, he thinks the shoes are pretty neat:)


Marva said...

The baskets are super cute! I lovess me some baskets.

The shoes were a great find!

I am vowing to stay out of the stores UNLESS I just have to have a particular item. I have so little self control!

Many blessings!

Frasypoo said...

I love your finds.We should have been neighbours.
On Tuesday we go to a local thrift store where some tags are .99 cents.Usually there is a lot of stuff to be found and thats all I wear(.99 cent per item)I realised that their normal clothing was pretty high.15 bucks for a pair of jeans?They are crazy.So we hit Goodwill and hubby got some very nice ralph Lauren/Brooks brothers shirts .Its been a crazy shopping week!

Frasypoo said...

This is funny!But sometimes I have to think back to try and remember what temps were at home !!
Its about 90-100 in summer(Feb end to July)
And about 60-70 in winter(November to Jan)

MyKidsMom said...

Marva: I have definite times I have to stay away from the thrift stores. Some deals are just too irresistable! But I also hunt for Ebay items to help finance my thrifting, so it evens out for the most part:)

Frasy: I could see why 34 would be cold to your mom...brrrrr. I've forgotten myself how cold it was growing up in the Midwest. We never get below zero here like they do.

Jeanette "Frogster" said...

awesome finds! I am always looking for shoes for the kiddies at thrift stores since they don't stay the same size for very long.
what is your favorite thrift store?

MyKidsMom said...

Red,White and Blue is definitely my favorite. I have found such awesome deals there for years. They pick up from another state, so they get things that you sometimes can't even find locally. Some days of the week are better than others though. And they take cash only (no debit or check), so you have to come prepared.

A few weeks ago they had 75% off blue tags, and I found several adult clothing items with tags for $1.99. One of those a Liz Claiborne...:)

I'm a thrift store addict, so I do have to control myself in that area. But I LOVE hunting down those deals!

Nikki said...

Those baskets are very cute! You did a good job with your deals. And I don't mind you gloating...a little bit!

Angela said...

I love those baskets! I have some similar to those holding magazines at my house...they're just a different color. And those shoes look positively brand new!

Niki said...

Oh I love thrift store posts. Great haul and you know me and baskets. By all means help yourself to whatever is on my blog. Don't ever think you have to ask. You can always pick up old atlas' at thrift stores etc. We had one that was really detailed and antique looking. Just cover in multiple layers of modge podge. I used matte finish but if doing again I would use glossy. We also hung a giant map on the wall. her is the link to his bedroom

MyKidsMom said...

Thanks Niki!

Kaye said...

Great finds. I'm always jealous to hear about all of the great finds that people have because almost all of the ones here are just junk or really old stuff that you don't want to wear (not knocking the people that have to shop there, as it's better than nothing certainly). But they never have what I'm looking for.

Good job!

Gwendolyn said...

I love thrift stores! It's so exciting to find things like that. :o)

Laura said...

Cute baskets! I'll have to try to remember to take my camera to IHOP. I usually forget it because I'm too busy trying to remember all of the children. :) But it would be a great time to take pictures!