Friday, January 16, 2009

Recipe Fun Friday- Some family favorites

My first recipe is my favorite go-to dish when I have left-over turkey to use up. It's a little extra work to make the sauce you mix into the casserole, but it's well worth the extra trouble. I would not recommend substituting with canned soup. I plan to make this sometime this weekend, so I have no pictures right now, but will probably add one later. This is also a great dish to take to someone who's sick. It's a meal by itself, and absolutely delicious. So here's the link for Chicken noodle casserole.

Another favorite recipe is this Banana pudding. I don't like bananas myself; I blame that entirely on my older sister. The story is quite traumatic, but since I've shared it before, I won't force you to listen again,lol. But this recipe is always a big hit when I take it to the family potluck, so I grit my teeth and make it. I'm aware that there are varying degrees of difficulty in Banana pudding recipes, ranging from just dumping out a store-bought box, to making it totally from scratch. This is a good mid-range one. It's so yummy, I almost forget it has banana's in it:)

If you would like to join us in Recipe Fun Friday, stop by Nikki's Notes and link up.

Have a wonderful weekend~


Mrs. Darling said...

Let me offer you a banana pudding that is quick and easy. YOou have to make a huge bowl of it if you take it to potlucks cause there is never enough. Its simply instant vanilla pudding, sliced bananas, chuncks of graham crackers, and cool whip.

Mix up the pudding according to box directions. I use two 3.4 oz boxes for the family. Break graham crackers in chunks and slice in a couple of banana's just however much of each that looks good. Then stir in one small container of cool whip. Sit and stuff yourself till ya burst!

MyKidsMom said...

I've had it that way Mrs.D, and I'm telling ya, this is better..;) It takes a little more time, but that condensed milk and cream make it just so good!

NOT that I would be caught eating it; I usually hide around the corner, 'cause you know how I claim to hate bananas, lol.

Nikki said...

Your chicken recipe sounds good, but I think I will leave the banana pudding. I like bananas, but.... I haven't heard the story of your sister and bananas. What happened?

MyKidsMom said...

Because of your importunity, I will share the store Nikki:)

For some reason (still a mystery to us all) my older sister at the age of around 10 years loved to make us listen to her read to us when she would babysit. She also liked to force us to eat her... items containing what was once palatable food. She made a banana cake one day, and all I can say is that it was so mushy and slimy, it made me absolutely sick. I've never been able to look a banana straight in the eye since (if you know what I mean).

So that's my banana story. She claims no memory of the event, but I'm not buying it. The torturous things siblings to do to each other growing up;)

Marva said...

Bless your heart (the yucky cake)! I had not heard it either.

The chciken and noodles sounds delish! Thanks for sharing!

How's the tooth?


Mrs. Darling said...

When I get over this cold we are like soooo going to get together! (thats tween talk)

I have been at the academy all morning and oh la the things I have discovered about testing and such. Im way above the curve, lets just say that. I think you may find some of this stuff useful. Tomorrow on my blog Im going to post an actual form that I need to turn into the state.

Hey did you happen to see that chicken noodle recipe in sparkpeople? Its suppose to be a lighter version of chicken and noodles. I didnt try it but it looked pretty decent.

Frasypoo said...

What a co-incidence ,my mom made some turkey too!It was turkey meat balls.
(I told you I was living the high life!)

Frasypoo said...

I forgot to mention that I am getting ready for a half marathon so my food woes are mainly due to that!

MyKidsMom said...

MRS.DARLING: Yep, Tink's rubbing off on you. I suppose it's bound to happen after listening to it all day,lol.

Ditto on the get-together. I feel like just about all I do is school, school, school; oh yes, and the Dentist office. A person needs a break once in a while.

FRASYPOO: I've heard it's a pretty intense regimen training for a marathon. I would think you'd burn those calories off,lol. Too bad:(
I've been running on my Wii Fit and I'm telling you, my calves are killing me!!! I thought it was the aerobics, but it starts up again every time I do the run.