Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How does my garden grow?

I'm glad you asked :) It's truly amazing to watch a few seeds turn into a jungle of plants and veggies. I wonder if that's how Adam felt the first time he sowed the ground and reaped the harvest? You would think after I'd planted a garden a few years in a row I'd get used to it, but it still always surprises and delights me. I'm not a "green thumb" person, but I guess a little care and tending of a few seeds can equal a good result for just about anyone. Here's a few pictures.

BEFORE.. Remember my first garden post? This is 3 weeks ago...

AFTER... what a difference a few weeks can make!

No little round pumpkins yet, but they should be making an appearance soon...

My cherry tomatoes are finally starting to get some color.

My first harvest a few weeks ago. Buttercrunch lettuce, Radishes, and young Zucchinis
Now the bush beans are producing abundantly, and the cucumbers are starting to ripen as well.
What's the best way to use up some of that thriving zucchini? This recipe is a definite favorite.

Can you believe I've done two posts in two days? I'm on a roll, lol.

Enjoy your day!~


Angela said...

It's funny -- I was going to being my comment with the phrase "You're on a roll!" You beat me to it :)

Your vegetables are beautiful!!! That looks like it would be so much fun...although I know from experience in having to pick stuff from my grandparents garden that I wouldn't enjoy it for very long. I like looking at your pictures, though!

Angela said...

The word "being" in the first sentence of my last comment should be "begin." Sorry! Right letters, wrong order :)

Kaye said...

Wow! The garden and the harvest thus far looks awesome! Way to go!

Marva said...

Just wanted to say HI! The garden looks great! I freeze my excess zuchini (I like it shredded for breads later on).

The peach salsa recipe is under From Marva's Kitchen, the date is April 29th 2008. Hope this helps! Let me know if you still have trouble finding it! ;)


MyKidsMom said...

I found it Marva... thanks a bunch!