Friday, August 07, 2009

Pics from the past week

Here we are at a family get-together held at Shady Dell. Hubby's uncle (the engineer) bought one of these little trains when he retired. In spite of its being small in stature, everyone seemed to enjoy riding it. Of course, for the adults, the real trick was staying on board when it went around a curve, lol. The Princess and I are on the middle car.
The high-point for the older kids was getting to drive the train themselves. Here's the artist getting a little instruction in engineering.
And here is an empty spot where there really should be a picture of my husband's beloved grandmother whom we visited two times in the last week...

, I most certainly had my camera with me, but I was enjoying listening to her stories so much, it just slipped my mind. And then there was the pack of very angry bees that succeeded in stinging the Princess four times, the Artist three, and hubby just once. Yes, that was slightly distracting as well.
Between Grandma's house (blueberries and cherries) and the back field (blackberries) we did a lot of berry picking this week. Here's what actually made it into my freezer, right around 30 lbs worth. That's pretty good considering several of my children ate at least as much as ended up in their buckets. Can't say I did much better myself :)
And of course some of them were made into freezer jam.

My roma and cherry tomatoes have finally ripened. And I've been able to put up some green beans and zucchini as well.

Otherwise, we're just enjoying our cooler weather, and hanging out with friends and family.

Have a great weekend~


Nikki said...

What a neat train! And I'm jealous of all your berries!

Marva said...

What a cool ride! Love the train! ;)

I wish we had cheeries here! Blessings!!!