Thursday, October 01, 2009

An update of sorts

I haven't been posting much here due to the fact that school is back in session. It's not that I don't have a spare minute to post necessarily, but rather that my brain is so deep into school subjects that I'm afraid anything I post would be downright boring to my non-homeschooling blog friends! But just so I don't look like I've deserted the ship, I've come up with an update of sorts.

Our transition back into lessons has gone rather well. While my boys would just as soon writing/language arts was thrown off the lesson menu, they were quite ready to go back to everything else. They're taking a few classes at a local Christian school as well (Band, P.E., basketball). I can definitely tell the Professor is approaching Junior high; his lessons are getting much more difficult. I'm having to brush up on some things I'm not even sure they taught back when I was in school. Or maybe it's just been such a looong time? :)

This past Monday my husband took the day off to go on a field trip with the boys to the Jackson Bottom nature preserve. They spent 4 hours trekking through the wetlands and Riparian forests with a Naturalist, taking samples and spying out the various animals and such. They had a great time.

The Princess is still struggling with stomach aches. I don't think I've mentioned it before, but she has been having this problem for about 6 months now. We've been to the Doctor several times, and tried several medicines, on top of some natural things I've tried as well. They actually seem to be getting worse. So it looks like we'll be making a trip to the Doctor again for some testing. He wanted to put her on Prevacid, but there isn't a generic for it, and it has a rather steep price. It's definitely having an effect on her, and it makes me sad to see her not being her usual bouncing-of-the-wall self. Hopefully we'll be able to figure it out soon.

I love the month of October. We have 2 birthdays this month (in our family) to look forward to, on top of the pumpkin farm visits, and harvest parties. I love the changing colors outside, and the cooler weather. This is the only season I could almost wish to be year-long.

Well, that's pretty much what's going on around here. I may be taking a trip in the near future... but I'm going to wait to see if it works out before I mention it here. I have to admit right now I'm not anxious to go anywhere this early into the school year, but we'll see.

Wishing you all a happy 1st of October~


Kaye said...

Glad to see you around! Praying for the Princess and her doctors!

Nikki said...

Thanks for the update; I've been wondering how you have been doing.

Can the Princess swallow a capsule? I don't remember how old she is, but there is a generic for Prilosec which is still pretty expensive, but might be cheaper. Of course, insurance doesn't cover the generic Prilosec, so the Prevacid might actually end up being less expensive.

Marva said...

Glad to see you around! I hope Princess gets well soon!


Mrs. C said...

Oh, hope your Princess is able to be diagnosed/ followed up with appropriately soon. It is so hard to see your child not feel well and not *quite* know what to do. You sure sound like you're on the right track and doing all that can be done, though. Poor kiddo.

Rachel said...

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