Saturday, December 08, 2007

Grown up Fun

Well, the partys over. I forgot how much fun it was to hang out with other couples. We were officially "adopted" as part of the group tonight, so hopefully that means getting out a little more often. I thought things might be a little clickesh (is that even a word?) but everybody was very friendly. For some reason I forgot I needed two white elephants and had to grab something from my MIL- would you believe a box of fiddle faddle? Believe me, I didn't sign my name to that one! We made off like bandits with a set of Star Wars mugs complete with hot chocolate. So we're starting a new Christmas eve tradition- hot chocolate in our Star Wars cups. That reminds me, I need to add that to my profile. We LOVE the original star wars trilogy. Why is it that the new movies were no where near as good as the older ones? I think I've gotton off subject now.. I have officially received my first comment since I started blogging three months ago (aside from my dear friend Mrs.Darling). Very awesome, especially considering my rambling posts.

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