Monday, May 05, 2008

Homeschool- May plans

It's hard to believe we're beginning our last month of school. For some reason, my mind is having a hard time believing the sunshine and warmth of Summer is almost here. And the free time. Because so much of my day is planned around and focused on homeschool,the thought of Summer vacation, in my mind, conjures up days with home projects actually being accomplished (versus school projects)...what a wonderful thought!

The truth is, we will still be doing school on a part-time basis during the Summer months. I am finding myself more and more believing it's the best way to keep all those concepts, learned all year long, fresh in their little minds. Or maybe it's my own mind that needs to stay fresh...hmmm, could be.

For the month of May we are focusing on a growing theme... I've never claimed to be very original;) Some things we have planned: an inside herb garden, planting a garden in a bottle, plant growing experiments, and hopefully putting in our vegetable garden around the end of the month.

We'll also be continuing our study of Democracy. I thought I'd share a few links we're using here: Kids in the house, Ben's Guide to U.S. Government,and Brain Pop (bill of rights). There are so many great learning sites on the Internet, I wish I had known that when I started out homeschooling. I didn't even own a computer when I started...amazing. It's definitely been an interesting journey.

The Professor is thrilled to have finally gotten his Northwest birds field guide from the library. I expect he will be pouring over it in his free time this week, funny little guy.

They are forecasting quite a lovely week here. I would love to be able to conduct some of our school classes in the great outdoors...although that might be a little too distracting (for me atleast:)

Friday I plan to post some pictures of our projects, as well as list some more learning links.

I also am planning a kid's stuff give-a-way soon...I just have to increase my knowledge of blogger a bit first.

Have a great day~


Marva said...

Sounds great....especially the growing part.;)

hope you have a great day! How's the hubby? Is work an option for him today? I hope he is feeling better soon!


MyKidsMom said...

He is back to work this week, but still in quite a bit of pain. It's funny, with all the modern advances in medicine, we tend to think there's a fairly quick fix for just about everything...quess they're a little behind in the shingles department. Thanks for asking:)

Nikki said...

My turn to tag you! This time it's a "tag 4." You can see mine at my blog. I left you Marva to tag!

MyKidsMom said...

Poor Marva, I wonder what SHE thinks of us taking turns with her, LoL;)

I'll post it tommorrow~

Nikki said...

The warm weather and outdoors are calling me. We have the rest of this week and next week left of this school year. We'll take 6 weeks off and start up with the next school year. I'm ready for the break. Although, I do fear that 6 weeks will make them forget a little, but not as much as being off for the whole summer.

Your ideas sound original to me. I don't know if there's a creative bone in my body. LOL!!

Hope you have a great week.

PJ said...

Love the "growing" theme. I was just counting days until school is order to get everything in that I still ahve to's 18 1/2 days let...and less than that when I consider that several of those days are field trips and such. Yikes!! the year is almost over for me....then I get to do things with the granddaughters for summer.

Thanks for your visit to my blog...I do like telling the "old" stories!