Monday, October 06, 2008


Eleven years ago today was the birth of my firstborn child. I had hoped and wished and prayed for several years for a baby. Words cannot express the joy I felt the first time I held him in my arms. That golden moment when I saw my little blond-haired blue-eyed angel (the only one of my children to inherit my blue eyes) for the first time.

But they insist on growing up, and all too fast.

The Professor loves learning, and finds unreasonable enjoyment in schoolwork (hence the nickname). And He also enjoys working on his church bus route. He told me the other day that there really needed to be a missionary to Cuba. Last I checked, that was really far away... guess we'll cross that bridge when (and if)we come to it.

He is also the most contented child his age I have ever met. It is such a challenge to get him presents for Birthdays and Christmas. Whenever I ask for atleast a short list, he pauses and says "You know, I really have everything I need." Even I admit that's a little strange for a kid;) I have been trying to get him to ask for a new bike for the last 3 years, but he always looks at me rather oddly and says "But I already have a bike." Which is true; he does have an old, beat-up one that his dad salvaged from who-knows-where (sometimes it's better not to ask).

Well, this year he's getting that new bike, like it or not. Okay, I admit I picked it up for $20. at the thrift store, but other than a little dust, it looks brand new. Besides, he's also inherited my thrifty tendencies, so he'll get a kick out of the fact I got it for a good price:)

So Happy 11th Birthday to my little guy who is all too quickly becoming a young man. You will always have a special place in this mother's heart. I love you.


Angela said...

Happy birthday, Professor!

When I first read the line about Cuba being far away, my first thought was "No it's not!" But then I remembered that you live on the other side of the country...

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday, Professor!

I had the same thought as Angela, but Cuba is even closer to her.

Mrs. Darling said...

Even for us here in oregon cuba is uncomfortably too close!

Happy Professor. Your baby pics are cuter than a bugs ear!

Mrs. Darling said...

Uh, that was suppose to say Happy Birthday Professor but yeah, Happy Professor works too.

Niki said...

They grow up too fast. That is so nice that he inherited the frugal bug. Not many kids are into that, which is such a shame. Happy Birthday to the big guy.

Marva said...

Happy Birthday Professor!

Hope your day is great and you enjoy your new bike!

Great deal mykidsmom!


MyKidsMom said...

EVERYONE: Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. And yes, technically Cuba isn't as far away compared to some countries, but ANYWHERE out of the states is much too far for me. Well, I might not mind Canada. I'd have an excuse to visit all those lovely places in the Anne films;)

He loved the bike by the way!

Kaye said...

Wow! Happy birthday, (not so) Little Guy!

I think it's awesome that he is as smart and content as you describe. That proves that you are an excellent mom (and dad must not be too bad himself!). =)

I hope he had a wonderful birthday and enjoys that bike.

Frasypoo said...

Happy Birthday!A man from our church went on a mission trip to Cuba recently.

PS:I'm back

MyKidsMom said...

FRASYPOO: SO good to see you again! And so glad that you're okay; when you dropped off the face of the blog-world it worried me a bit. I'll be stopping by!