Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Puppie Update- 1 week old

Our puppies are a week old today, and I have to say that they have managed to stir things up around here. We're keeping them inside the house due to the cold and rainy weather that started the day after their birth. Of course, Ginger is loving being inside the house; she's always fancied herself to be an inside dog;) Fortunately, she seems to be naturally housebroken, and hasn't had an accident yet (hubby would really hate to have to clean it up, and he would have to:) They are gated off from the majority of the house, and we've put down mats as well. So they're kept nice and warm, but not under foot.

They are even cuter than a week ago (if that's possible). I sound like a doting grandmother, don't I? Their eyes haven't opened yet, but should soon. And they'll be even cuter then:)

Okay, enough of that. We have so many people wanting them already, I feel like a mother bear trying to protect her young. I think I'll do background checks on all of them to make sure they are truly worthy of the little guys (and girls). Which I also haven't figured out yet (the gender that is).

Here's a picture of the runt of the litter. My husband says we'll be keeping this one due to the pity factor. It actually is getting fed, it's just not as big as the other little pigs (I mean dogs) and so it has a hard time getting fed as much. But I'm keeping my eye on it;)

And tell me, truly, doesn't this one look like a little pig? About half of them are big like this; it appears they are going to take after their father's side of the family.

So that's this weeks Puppie Update. Have a good Wednesday!


Frasypoo said...

How cute is that ?
My dog is laying in his stroller that his grandma(my mother-in-law ) got him for Christmas and has covered himself up with a faux mink blanket that his grandma made for him!
I dont think he is too spoilt,is he ?

Nikki said...

They are too cute! But I'm glad that I don't have to find good homes for them. Back ground checks, huh? Just a wee bit protective, are we?

Kaye said...

You're making me want a dog. That's strange because although I like dogs, I don't fancy myself a "dog person."

Too cute.

And are acting like a doting grandma, but that's okay. =)

MyKidsMom said...

Frasypoo: Haha, you sound like my father-in-law. He gets professional pictures taken of his dog, and she gets occasional trips to the beauty parlor. Well, maybe you're not as extreme as he is, LoL. I would much rather they be spoiled than mistreated. Faux mink blanket..I love that:)

Nikki: While I am joking when I talk about background checks, I DO plan to be extremely picky. Which around here means that you sell them, otherwise people take them because they are cute at the moment. Plus, I will want to be able to reinburse all the vet fees that I'll be incurring with their check-ups.

Kaye: I wouldn't have called myself a dog fan either, although we had several while I was growing up. But Ginger has been such a sweet and wonderful dog for our family, that she has turned me into a bit of a dog fan. I quess sometimes it's just finding the right one.

Mrs. Darling said...

Tinks still working on her dad but the answer is still no. Poor kid.