Monday, February 23, 2009

Assorted Updates

I'm afraid I've been a bit neglectful of my blog lately. I could say that I've been extra busy, but then aren't we all? lol I guess everything has it's season, and maybe blogging can be included in that as well.

I wanted to say how much I appreciate the kind words and prayers from all of you after my last blog post. As I said, the Artist tested negative for juvenile diabetes. The Doctor thinks perhaps it's sensory issues. Which made me chuckle a bit, because I hadn't thought of that, despite the fact that I have some sensory problems myself. It's funny how something can be right in front of you and you don't even think of it.

The Princess has been put on an acid reducer for her stomach issues. The Doctor said it could take weeks to start working. That seems a bit long to me. So I happened to be talking to my Pastor's Wife last night, and she told me about an all-natural aloe vera product that's formulated for stomach issues. So today I'll be going to a local health food store to see if this could be another alternative for her. I would much rather go with a natural product if possible.

My tooth infection is back, but thankfully my oral surgery is less than two weeks away. Yes, I said thankfully. When a tooth gets painful enough, even oral surgery becomes appealing;) My only fear is that the infection will keep the numbing agent from working, a problem I've had in the past. But you don't really want to hear about that, do you? :)

On the bright side (literally), we Oregonians were blessed with several beautiful days this past weekend. We were able to get some outside projects done, and just soak up some of that lovely fresh air.

Next month we have two weeks of Spring break. To say I'm looking forward to it would be a definite understatement. But we have lots of work to do between now and then, including our state testing. So I better get back to work:)

Have a wonderful Monday~


Nikki said...

We understand your being "neglectful" of your blog; we're just glad that you haven't quit on us!

I know what you mean about something being bad enough that you can't wait for the solution. I had plantar warts that just throbbed several years ago. It was awful! I couldn't wait to get home from college to have them frozen!

We've been having some nice weather down here, too, but I think we get it more than you do. If only it was a little bit warmer.... I hate to complain about weather in the 50's, though.

Marva said...

Glad you've had some great weather and got some things done. I sompletely understand about the dental issues! Yuck! I despise going to the oral surgeon!

Glad you and your blog are still hanging in there! I've been missing you!

Angela said...

I hope the aloe vera product helps! It seems terrible to have to wait weeks to have a medicine start working! And I am so sorry about your tooth! I completely understand about looking forward to the surgery so you can have this just over and done with and not have to deal with it any more!

I am actually really looking forward to doing your blog! And don't worry about the background part...that normally comes pretty easily once we have the header, so it won't be a big deal. I actually have some questions for you, but I guess I'll e-mail them rather than typing them here and making this the world's longest comment :)

Brandi said...

I understand what you mean about things being right in front of your face. Two of my girls have developmental issues and I have been stressing for years trying to find the right way to teach them, etc. Through research, reading Mrs. Darling's blog, and other sources I started to think maybe they had Sensory Integration Disorder/Dysfunction. I've been reading THE OUT OF SYNC CHILD, and THE OUT OF SYNC CHILD HAS FUN. Now, I know they have SID. It even fits with some of the therapies they received in early intervention and special needs preschool. Now I just have to figure out what will work best for each girl.

Oh, and it might be a good idea to quit hogging your comments space.

MyKidsMom said...

Brandi: LOL Hog the comments all you want; there's no such thing as a too-long comment (at least on my blog:).

Angela: Could you let me know on my blog if you email me? I'm not positive I'm getting all my emails. I sent you and Dustin each one on Saturday, so hopefully you did get them.

Marva: I actually think of you often when dealing with these oral issues. It really is frustrating the strain it puts on the rest of your body, isn't it? Hopefully we'll both be back to normal soon (or as normal as we get;).

Nikki: We're heading into our rainy season, so I appreciate ANY day that's rain-free; not to mention weather in the 50's!

Kaye said...

Obviously we have the same anti-blogging disease right now, as I have not been maintaining mine either. I didn't realize it so much until a friend from high school who only checks my "Mommy" one left a Facebook message that said, "miss you in the blogging world." Oops...need to update I guess (so I did today!).

Enjoy the nice weather while you can! Those of us who truly love it don't live in the upper northwest though. =)

Trica said...

I have to ask: who is the song on your blog by? I love it! I started listening to the words and it brought tears to my eyes. My last child is leaving the nest this summer and I've been reflecting and being very tearful! And by the way, we used aloe vera juice when my husband had ulcers several years back and it did the trick!

Nikki said...

We had our daughter on the reflux medicine a couple of years ago and it did seem to help her. We've also steered her away from food and drinks that will aggravate the problem. She hasn't had any medicine in well over a year now and I thank the Lord for that.

I hope the natural remedy works for your daughter. I do not like giving my children any conventional medicines. I'll be praying for her. I know it hurts her.

Mrs. Darling said...

Mykidsmom did you say "heading into our rainy season?" Oregons rainy season is from October through June. The dry season is considered to be July through September. If you are just now heading into it I should have been living with you all this time. LOL

Angela said...

I know it has taken me a long time...but I just e-mailed you! Hope you got it!

MyKidsMom said...

Kaye: I was SO glad you updated, especially your family blog. I've been wandering what you've been up to, but I wanted to give you your space.

Trica: It's sung by Billy Dean. I couldn't name a single other song he sings, but I love this one. It epitomizes being a mom/parent for me. I keep thinking it's time to get a new song, but this one still brings tears to my eyes, so I guess I'm stuck with it;) Thanks so much for stopping by!

Mrs.Darling: Seriously, do you "real" Oregonians ('cause you know I'm still a Midwest girl at heart) call this drizzle we're getting rain? The rainy season to me is that CONTINUAL downpour that will begin within the next month, and most likely persist right into my garden planting season.

Angela: No problem, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing any emails. Thanks so much for doing this; I can't wait to see the finished product!

MyKidsMom said...

Nikki(preacher's wife): I didn't mean to leave you out; the Nikki's in my comments sometimes tend to blend together,lol. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Mrs. Darling said...

No my dear you are quite wrong. I think it must seem that way to you because by May and June we are all thoroughly tired of the rain. But in reality hardly any rain falls after March.

According to the Oregon Climate Service at Oregon State University, December is the rainiest month of the year and has been for 37 years now. We have an average of 12 inches of precipitation during this month.

Out of the nine months of our rainy season December through March are the rainiest. That means that we only have 4 more weeks left to the rainiest part of the year.

In April we get 2.5 inches of rain and in May we get 2.1 inches and June we only get 1.5

They are drizzly days in those months with no real hard rain fall. Thats why it feels like it rains all the time and still only rains 2 inches.

So hows that for statistics from a native Oregonian?

MyKidsMom said...

Always have to get in the last word, huh? LOL

I sure enjoyed Pastor ribbing you about women keeping silent in the church; but then you totally knew he was going to say that didn't you?:) If I recall correctly, it wasn't the first time.

Your statistics actually encourage me. And no doubt you are right. Not that you needed me to say that..;)

Mrs. Darling said...

Hey speaking of the weather man, its 10:39pm and I just got home from taking Tink to her friends for the night and of all outlandish things its snowing out there! I heard it might. But now, who knows? We may be snowed in and not even get to the airport in the morning! Wouldnt that be a fine kettle of fish?

Mrs. Darling said...

Hey Im here in the motel lobby just dropping in to say hi to you! The conference has been great. Its been emotional and soul searching. The off hours are spent in deep soul talk, coupled with times of laughter and jesting. Of course its all washed down with cup after cup of coffee.

Talk to ya when I get back!

Melissa said...

"When a tooth gets painful enough, even oral surgery becomes appealing;)"


I really hope the infection is clearing up and you'll be completely pain-free soon!!!